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You think iOS4 has multitasking? Think again

image Jared Newman, PC World:

When Apple chief executive Steve Jobs introduced iOS4, he said this: "When it comes to multitasking, if a user has to use a task manager, they (the developer) blew it." I suppose Jobs was referring to Windows Task Manager, which you use when all hell breaks loose on a PC. But taken literally, iOS4 has a task manager too, and all hell breaks lose if you don’t use it. This time, Apple blew it.

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And click here to learn how Android handles it.



Source: PC World, Android Developers

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Android 2.2 wins the JavaScript Battle with iOS4

Javascript performance benchmark tests were carried out by ArsTechnica on Nexus One having Android 2.2 and iPhone 4 where Android 2.2 beats the iOS4 by a good margin on both SunSpider and V8 engines. Click the source link below for more details.



Source: ArsTechnica

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