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Google Earth Tells you Weather: Now in RealTime

Google Earth

It’s the middle of summer, but for those of us who long for the return of cold winter weather and warm cups of cocoa, throw on your favorite poncho and check out the weather in Google Earth 5.2. The latest version projects images of rain and snow over the areas with those weather patterns as it’s actually happening! First enable the clouds layer, then zoom in to a particular location where it might be raining or snowing. I’m willing to bet London is a likely spot, even these days, or the Lone Star state (pictured below) which is in the midst of tropical storm season. Currently, our precipitation data cover some areas in North America and Europe; you can see if it’s available in certain places by enabling the radar layer.

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Source: Google Lat Long

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Faster Way To Find Nearby Places

Google has added a new way to find places in their new Google Maps update version 4.4. Now you have direct options to find restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, ATMs, Gas Stations and more at one click. Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: Google Lat-Long Blog

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The 25 Best Tech Companies to Work For: 2010


Business Insider SAI has compiled a list of 25 best tech companies to work for. With Facebook, Google and Adobe taking the top 3 positions, it is also interesting to see that Facebook has taken the Top Spot beating Google this time. Hit the source link for the list and more.


Source: Business Insider (Top 25 Tech Companies)

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Android Development Tutorials (Updated)


Those of you interested in Android Operating System and and want to develop applications for the same can find various tutorial links in this post. This post will be updated often with good tutorials to get you started and create great applications for Android.

To begin with, below are few links for developing your very first App.

From Hack a Day:

Android Development 101: A Tutorial Series

Android Development 101 Part 1: Hello World

Android Development 101 Part 2: Graphical Elements

Android Development 101 Part 3: Introduction to Databases

From O’Reilly:

Developing Android Applications, Workshop One

Important Links:

Download SDK and Setup Development Environment

Application Fundamentals

Activity Class

UI Design

Data Storage

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Google Images: Now even better


Now Google Images page has a new way of presenting the pictures with a changed layout. Instead of multiple pages, Google now presents a infinite list of images. Images are loaded only when you scroll to a particular location. It is fast and neat and more pictures can now be seen at one glance. The presentation resembles the Bing way of doing it but I found this better. Hovering over the images provides more details. The landing page, after clicking the image, has also changed and it gives a neat way to view, download and enjoy the photos. Hit the source link for more details about the same. Click here to try out the new look.

Source: Google Blog

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You think iOS4 has multitasking? Think again

image Jared Newman, PC World:

When Apple chief executive Steve Jobs introduced iOS4, he said this: "When it comes to multitasking, if a user has to use a task manager, they (the developer) blew it." I suppose Jobs was referring to Windows Task Manager, which you use when all hell breaks loose on a PC. But taken literally, iOS4 has a task manager too, and all hell breaks lose if you don’t use it. This time, Apple blew it.

Click the source link to read all about it.

And click here to learn how Android handles it.



Source: PC World, Android Developers

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100,000 Apps in the Android Market


100,000 Apps and more than 1 Billion downloads on android devices registered. Hit the source link to read more.

Source: AndroLib

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