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Adobe Reader Crosses 1 Million Download Mark

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader for Android has crossed 1 Million Downloads today. The reader was released just two months back for the android platform. The mobile e-book reading is attracting a lot of ardent readers and more and more are joining the ebook mobile saga. PDF is known for its fine print technology in the desktop world and now is also considered the best for the mobiles. More enhancements and feature requests have been placed in the Adobe Reader Forums and the team has promised to bring in some fantastic features into the application. Recently, Adobe Reader was considered part of the top 10 must have apps list for Android by eWeek. Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: Adobe Blogs

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Android Development Tutorials (Updated)


Those of you interested in Android Operating System and and want to develop applications for the same can find various tutorial links in this post. This post will be updated often with good tutorials to get you started and create great applications for Android.

To begin with, below are few links for developing your very first App.

From Hack a Day:

Android Development 101: A Tutorial Series

Android Development 101 Part 1: Hello World

Android Development 101 Part 2: Graphical Elements

Android Development 101 Part 3: Introduction to Databases

From O’Reilly:

Developing Android Applications, Workshop One

Important Links:

Download SDK and Setup Development Environment

Application Fundamentals

Activity Class

UI Design

Data Storage

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BlindType – A Keyboard with an Extraordinary Word Prediction Algorithm


Mind you, the keyboard isn’t for blind people if that is what you were thinking. The keyboard has an extraordinary word prediction algorithm. It also adjust its size based on how you type. The sheer brilliance of the software has to be seen with your own eyes. The software is soon coming to Android and iPhone. Well, Apple has a policy of not changing the default keyboard on iOS but the company BlindType says “this might change how Apple works”. We have to see if at all it changes but until then check out the video or hit the source link for more details. 


Source: BlindType


Complete details about the ecosystem in which the applications and operating systems co-exists. Click image for a better view.


Source: Online MBA

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100,000 Apps in the Android Market


100,000 Apps and more than 1 Billion downloads on android devices registered. Hit the source link to read more.

Source: AndroLib

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App Inventor from Google

July 12, 2010 1 comment


Google has introduced a new application today named “App Inventor”. It is basically a WYSIWYG editor for creating applications for the Android platform. Is this a step in the right direction? Well, I can see two things happening. One, it will help broaden the Android community and two, it will bring in a lot of useless applications in the market. But still, I would like to be optimistic and would consider this application a great way to make Android much more useful than it already is. Click the video to see it action. Hit the source link for more details.

Source: GoogleLabs

Juggle a Soccer Ball –Now on iPhone


Remember the soccer ball juggling game bsaed on Augmented Reality that was first seen on the Samsung’s Bada OS? A similar game is now available on iPhone. The application is named as ARSoccer and is available on iTunes for $0.99. Check out the video to see it in action. Click the source link for more.



Source: GigaOm

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