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Adobe Reader Crosses 1 Million Download Mark

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader for Android has crossed 1 Million Downloads today. The reader was released just two months back for the android platform. The mobile e-book reading is attracting a lot of ardent readers and more and more are joining the ebook mobile saga. PDF is known for its fine print technology in the desktop world and now is also considered the best for the mobiles. More enhancements and feature requests have been placed in the Adobe Reader Forums and the team has promised to bring in some fantastic features into the application. Recently, Adobe Reader was considered part of the top 10 must have apps list for Android by eWeek. Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: Adobe Blogs

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The 25 Best Tech Companies to Work For: 2010


Business Insider SAI has compiled a list of 25 best tech companies to work for. With Facebook, Google and Adobe taking the top 3 positions, it is also interesting to see that Facebook has taken the Top Spot beating Google this time. Hit the source link for the list and more.


Source: Business Insider (Top 25 Tech Companies)

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Flash is going 3D !

Here comes the great news ! With the introduction of Physics engine in the previous Adobe MAX conference and now the introduction (more like a teaser) of 3D, Flash is going BIG ! More details will be unveiled at the Adobe Max conference (October 23-37) in Los Angeles, CA Can’t wait for October 27th to come sooner !


This will bring online gaming (Flash Player) and Desktop Gaming (AIR) to a whole new level. Click on the source link to check out some interesting quotes from the man himself, Thibault Imbert, Product Manager, Adobe Flash Player.

Source: Byte Array, CNET

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YouTube introduces Leanback

YouTube is on a roll today. First with the awesome update of the mobile site and now introducing the YouTube Leanback web application. The application basically runs the video from your own playlist or from your subscription back to back in HD quality without you doing anything. You can also connect your YouTube account with your Facebook account and see the videos shared by your friends on Facebook. The application is built using Adobe Flash Technology and is currently in Beta.

Check out the video to see it in action. Click the source link for more details.

Youtube Blog

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Google Talks about Flash and HTML5

Google recently made a post on their youtube blog mentioning about the relevance of Flash in today’s web and how Flash is the “best platform” for delivering the video technology. A lot of details were provided backing Flash technology. They were mainly in the following areas

  • Standard Video Format
  • Robust Video Streaming
  • Content Protection
  • Encapsulation and Embedding
  • Full Screen Video
  • Camera and Microphone access

The blog also mentioned about the WebM video format and the commitment from Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Adobe to provide the required support in their upcoming releases. Click the source link for more details.

Source: Youtube (Blog)

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