Android Based Tablets from Samsung in Q3

Samsung Tablet

Seoul (Reuters) — "Samsung Electronics Co plans to introduce tablet computers this quarter based on Google’s Android operating system, joining a growing list of firms seeking to challenge Apple’s popular iPad."

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Source: Yahoo Finance

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Motorola Droid getting Froyo Next Week


The hugely popular first edition of Motorola Droid will be getting the sweetness of Froyo (Android 2.2) next week. Hit the source link for more details.


Source: Engadget

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Samsung confirms September release of Froyo for Galaxy S


Samsung has confirmed the release of Android 2.2 a.k.a. Froyo for their Galaxy S series in UK. Sources say that it will also be released in US too to all the carriers namely Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Hopefully we will be getting some sweet Froyo in September.


Source: Samsung (Twitter)

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Adobe Reader Crosses 1 Million Download Mark

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader for Android has crossed 1 Million Downloads today. The reader was released just two months back for the android platform. The mobile e-book reading is attracting a lot of ardent readers and more and more are joining the ebook mobile saga. PDF is known for its fine print technology in the desktop world and now is also considered the best for the mobiles. More enhancements and feature requests have been placed in the Adobe Reader Forums and the team has promised to bring in some fantastic features into the application. Recently, Adobe Reader was considered part of the top 10 must have apps list for Android by eWeek. Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: Adobe Blogs

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Faster Way To Find Nearby Places

Google has added a new way to find places in their new Google Maps update version 4.4. Now you have direct options to find restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels, ATMs, Gas Stations and more at one click. Hit the source link for all the details.


Source: Google Lat-Long Blog

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Samsung EPIC 4G – August 20th Release ?

July 25, 2010 1 comment

Samsung EPIC 4G

Considering the past record of Samsung, we might have the release date for the gorgeous EPIC 4G on Sprint. Samsung had posted 2 SPS TV (Samsung TV) videos to showcase their Captivate and Vibrant phones with the post dates coinciding with the official release of the phone.

Samsung Schedule

Now, Samsung has posted August 20th as the date to showcase the EPIC 4G. So considering the clash of previous official release dates with the showcase, we might have 20th August as the date for the EPIC phone. Some tweets from the Samsung Mobile US division also suggest the same as shown below. Hit the source link for more details.

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How the awesome VFX was achieved in Inception?


Paul Franklin takes us through the machinations of Christopher Nolan’s hot mind-bender.
By Bill Desowitz

A lot has already been written about the relationship between dreams and movies in Inception. At its core, though, it’s really about the all-consuming struggle to create an original work. So imagine Double Negative’s challenge in trying to help visualize multiple dream states from director Chris Nolan’s furtive imagination all interacting together.

It all began with architecture. "Whether it’s through the manipulation of structures to show the power of the dreamers, as in the folding streets of Paris, or in the crumbling towers of Limbo, which

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