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IE9 Beta Hitting this September

July 30, 2010 2 comments


“Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner revealed today at the company’s annual financial analyst meeting that the first beta of the Internet Explorer 9 Web browser is planned for release in September. This is a little later than expected; leaked documents that emerged last month pointed at an August release date for the beta.”

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Source: Ars Technica


Windows Phone 7 Development – How to get started?

July 24, 2010 1 comment

Microsoft has made it real simple for developers to get started to develop applications for Windows Phone 7. All you have to do is click on the below two links. Download the software and install it. And that’s it. You are all set to write your first application for the upcoming Windows Phone. Enjoy !

1. Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta 

The Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta includes the following

  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone Beta
  • Windows Phone Emulator Beta
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone Beta
  • Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone Beta
  • XNA Game Studio 4.0 Beta

2. Windows Phone 7 Training Kit

You can download the training kit for offline and easier access. But the same is available online too. The training kit has all the good stuff to get you started.

Apple Now Has The Most Holes

imageHere’s another blow to those insist that Apple products are rock solid and unhackable: The  security company Secunia reports that Apple products have more vulnerabilities than those of any other company. Oracle came in second place, with Microsoft in third.

Secunia just issued a report that covers vulnerabilities for the first half of 2010, and it’s not good news for Apple. The report (which you can download here) shows that Apple last had the most vulnerabilities of all vendors in 2005, before Oracle took over the top spot. And now Apple is on top again. You can see the chart, below.

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Source: PC World

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Steps to use the Indian Rupee Symbol in your document

July 23, 2010 1 comment


1. Download the Indian Rupee font from here

2. Install the font in your PC. You can do this by just copying the font file to the font folder. Font folder can be found in the Control Panel.image

3. Open a Word Document.

4. Select the Rupee Font which you just installed.

5. Press this (`) key (as shown in the image)

6. Voila ! You have the symbol.


Spread the font, spread the word, spread the link. Hit the source link for more details.


Source: Foradian Technologies

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Flash is going 3D !

Here comes the great news ! With the introduction of Physics engine in the previous Adobe MAX conference and now the introduction (more like a teaser) of 3D, Flash is going BIG ! More details will be unveiled at the Adobe Max conference (October 23-37) in Los Angeles, CA Can’t wait for October 27th to come sooner !


This will bring online gaming (Flash Player) and Desktop Gaming (AIR) to a whole new level. Click on the source link to check out some interesting quotes from the man himself, Thibault Imbert, Product Manager, Adobe Flash Player.

Source: Byte Array, CNET

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Firefox 4 Beta is now available


The much awaited Firefox 4 is available now for download for the general public. The current version is still in beta and may not support your plugins but it is worth the download to have the first hand feel of the next iteration of one of the best browsers in the market.

Click here to download Firefox 4 Beta.

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Google Talks about Flash and HTML5

Google recently made a post on their youtube blog mentioning about the relevance of Flash in today’s web and how Flash is the “best platform” for delivering the video technology. A lot of details were provided backing Flash technology. They were mainly in the following areas

  • Standard Video Format
  • Robust Video Streaming
  • Content Protection
  • Encapsulation and Embedding
  • Full Screen Video
  • Camera and Microphone access

The blog also mentioned about the WebM video format and the commitment from Mozilla, Chrome, Opera and Adobe to provide the required support in their upcoming releases. Click the source link for more details.

Source: Youtube (Blog)

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