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Samsung’s BIG Entry

Samsung’s new edition to their phone line up named Galaxy S has made waves in the smartphone market. Especially with the Super AMOLED display and the 1GHz Humming Bird Processor, the phone is considered to be among the top contenders in the android space right now and also on par compared to iPhone 4.

The specification of the phone can be found here. The phone spec is same with all the four variants and the changes are more at the hardware level.


The four major service providers in US are coming out with their own variations of Samsung Galaxy S named Epic 4G (Sprint), Fascinate (Verizon), Captivate (AT&T) and Vibrant (Tmobile).

Release date and price are not announced yet but it is said that the phones will be released soon, most probably by July or August. Samsung has also promised Android 2.2 update soon after the launch.

Few pictures below to get the feel of it. Click to enlarge.

Samsung Epic 4G



Samsung Fascinate



Samsung Captivate



Samsung Vibrant



Check out the video, an ad for Sprint’s Epic 4G

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